Gear Box

Flange Mounted And Atex

Flange Mounted And Atex

We are widely known for supplying a wide range of Flange Mounted and Atex. The range that we offer is of Brevini ’ s in-line or right angle planetary gearboxes and can be used in a wide range of industrial equipment and mobile applications. These types of gear boxes are usually based upon a flexible modular system and are available with either male or female output shaft configurations. The male configuration (cylindrical or splined) is widely used in side or axial loads, which are acting upon the output shaft. While, the female configuration is used to transmit purely torque and is employed where space is limited. Further, the flange mounted gearboxes are supported by a wide range of accessories. These also include adaptors for electric and hydraulic motors, multi-disc failsafe brakes and male input shaft configurations.




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